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Electronics Engineers 2-5


1. For the Digital Circuit, be familiar with the common used kernels, such as 51 core, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, etc., be able to write the relevant application with C language.

2. For the Analog circuit, better with power design experience, be familiar with varies of DC-DC principles, op amp circuits and signal conditioning circuit programming.

3. Better with low power-related programming rich experience, be able to write driver software for various of digital interfaces SPI I2C UART CAN RS485 RS232 USB etc. and design related interface circuit.

4. Experience in programming of energy storage power management systems is preferred.

Android / IOS Exploitation Engineer 2-3



1. Responsible for android / IOS application design and development;

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software engineering, electronics related, two years or above experience in android APP or IOS APP development;

3. Experience in Bluetooth APP and smart home APP development is preferred;

4. Familiar with APICloud Exploitation is preferred.

Sales Support Commissioner 1-3


1. Assist sales department to develop sales work, including introducing to public on the exhibition, learning and updating new products / technologies.

2. Organize and arrange for various product promotion materials collection, writing and production to promote the product propaganda work go on orderly.

3. Coordinate with the company marketing and online platform operations to organize and promote activities.


1. Science and engineering majoring in electrochemical, applied chemistry, electronic circuits and other related professional is preferred.

2. with character of active thinking, a positive spirit and be courage to the challenges.

3. with ability of organization and coordination, have strong sense of teamwork.

4. be confident and dare to express personal thoughts, out-going and cheerful, with strong language and interpersonal skills.

5. Fluent in oral English can be working language.

Finance Manager 1-2




1. Strictly supervise corporate financial work in accordance with the Accounting Law, and abide by the State Financial Brokerage Law, Financial Law and Financial Rules and Regulations. Responsible for the daily management of the Finance Department, organize and urge department staff to complete various tasks within the scope of their responsibilities.

2. Formulate the company's annual, quarterly and monthly financial revenue and expenditure plans and supervise their implementation, and be responsible for the company's cost management work, and perform cost forecasting, control, accounting, analysis and assessment.

3. Tax planning and export tax refund.

4. Accounting and taxation policies, and organize the company's tax declaration and taxation.

5. Application for government subsidy projects, filing of data, filing of statistical reports, etc.

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