36V 105Ah
Product number:C36-105
Smart Lithium ion battery pack 36V 105Ah
Visible advance integrated lithium ion battery pack (LiFePo4) with intelligent built-in advance BMS patented technology. Multiple protection of voltage, current, temperature, short circuit to provide customers a ease-minded power supply. Green Energy Visible lithium ion battery facilitated with mobile APP, customers can live check battery status at anytime. Remote diagnosis is helpful to find out reasons if there were problem occur. Higher density, smaller size, lighter weight, reliable performance battery is good choice for golf cart, low speed vehicle, electric utility cars, floor cleaning machines.
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  Battery Type   LiFePO4 battery
  Nominal Voltage   35.2V
  Nominal Capacity   105Ah
  Discharge Cut-off Voltage   27.5V
  Max. Charge Voltage   40.15V
  Charge Method   CC/CV
  Standard Continuous Discharge Current   0.2C  (21A)
  Max. Continuous Discharge Current   80A

  Pulse Discharge Current


  Short Circuit Protection   YES
 Discharge Temperature    -20℃~55℃ 
 Charge  Temperature    0℃~45℃ 
 Storage Temperature ( < 1 month )  
 Storage Temperature ( < 6 month )     0℃~30℃ 
  Cycle Life   >2500 times
  Communication    CAN / RS485
  Wireless Monitoring   YES
  BMS Functions        Cell Balancing, State of charge 
  BMS Protections 

   Cell-Level  voltage, Temperature, Over Voltage, Under Voltage,


   282 x 272 x 250mm  (11.1'' x 10.7'' x 9.8'') 
  Weight   30kg (66.14b)
  Material   Metal

·   High compacted and super light weight, 1/3 smaller and 2/3 lighter than lead-acid battery

·   Built-in intelligent BMS, with battery over-voltage, over-current, temperature, short circuit protections

·   Visible battery information of SOC, SOH, operating voltage, current, temperature

·   Good rate discharge performance

·   Communication: CAN/RS485 

·   More than 2500 times long cycle life 

·   Zero emission, zero maintenance

Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability,  these batteries are widely use for Golf Cart, Low Speed Vehicle, Floor Cleaning Machine and Patrol Vehicles etc.


Bluetooth enabled status monitoring to your smart device providing operate current , voltage, temperature, remaining power, as well as the status of Internal cell. Built-in intelligent diagnostics and BMS system, monitor and manage battery information at any time, provide efficient and reliable power for the device.


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