24V 10Ah
Product number:24V 10Ah
Smart Lithium ion battery pack 24V 10Ah
smaller size, longer cycle life golf trolley battery. Visible lithium ion battery special designed for electric golf trolleys, push carts, etc. Patented built-in BMS technology and High density power provide you an excellent energy backup. Smart live monitoring with mobile APP can help customers even they don’t know about lithium technology to view the battery status. Including status of charge, operating voltage, current, temperature real time, and set up a proper route accordingly.
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  Battery Type   18650 Li-ion battery
  Battery  Configuration   7S4P
  Nominal Voltage    25.2V
  Nominal Capacity   10Ah
  Discharge Cut-off Voltage   19.25V
  Max. Charge Voltage   29.4V
  Charge Current   2~5A
  Charge Method   CC/CV
  Standard Continuous Discharge Current   0.2C  (C: nominal capacity)
  Max. Continuous Discharge Current   15A

  Pulse Discharge Current

   20A (60s) 

   25A (10s)  

  Short Circuit Protection   YES
  Operating Temperature  ( discharge )    -20℃ to +60℃
  Operating Temperature  ( charge )   0℃ to +40℃
  Storage Temperature
   15℃ to +25℃ (recommend)
  Cycle Life    2000 times
  Cell  Balancing current   50mA
  Sleep Mode

   No bluetooth connecting, operating current 

   less than 200mA (20s)     

  Charge Temperature  Protection   50℃
  Discharge Temperature  Protection   65℃
  Bluetooth   4.0 version 
   180.8 x 75.8 x 100mm  (7.1'' x 3'' x 3.9'')  

   Cell: UL1642  

   Battery pack: CB, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, FCC

* Nominal Capacity: 0.2C, 25℃, cut-off voltage 8V   

·        Facilitated with the function of Bluetooth APP

       Through connecting to Android or IOS APP,  you can read remaining capacity, operating voltage,  current, temperature,  protection information of the battery, as well as 

       the status of  internal cell

·         High energy density & better performance

        With higher capacity,  good rate discharge performance,  which can adapt to the large current discharge occasion

·         Super lightweight and more compact, easy to carry

        Lithium battery is over 65% lighter than the equivalent lead -acid battery,  and significantly smaller than the lead-acid equivalent

·         More than 1500 cycles life

        No memory effect, an integrated battery management system (BMS) protects the high-quality components used and provides a significantly longer lifespan 

        than the Lead- acid equivalent

·         With BMS system

        Counter for protection events, cell balancing counter, record battery status, and over discharge, over-current, short-circuit, over temperature multiple protections

·         Wide operating temperature range

        Available for use when the temperature ranges from -20 to 60

·        Lower cost per round

       Not only does the increased lifespan reduce replacement battery costs, but the more efficient technology utilizes less power and costs less to charge

 ·       3  Year Warranty

       Buy with confidence thanks to a market-leading 3-year comprehensive warranty ( 1-year with lead-acid batteries)

·        Safety & environmentally friendly

        Will not catch fire or explode if damaged, without any hazardous and noxious substances, no pollution to the environment

Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability,  these batteries are widely use for Electric Golf TrolleyElectric ScooterLogistics EquipmentAutomatic Guided Vehicle etc. Bluetooth enabled status monitoring to your smart device providing operate current , voltage, temperature, remaining power, as well as the status of Internal cell. Built-in intelligent diagnostics and BMS system, monitor and manage battery information at any time, provide efficient and reliable power for the device.  


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